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By Alex Tao

October 10, 2020


Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Universal Music Group

       Today in 2020, 16 years after the release of his debut studio album, Kanye West is more relevant than ever. Whether you disagree with his political views or hate his antics, Kanye West's name deserves to be spoken in the same breath as other genre bending musical artists: Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and James Brown; artists that have molded the sounds of the future. As stupid as it sounds, Kanye is my Elvis. He is the artist I am growing up with now and he is the artist that has most greatly influenced my life so far. He is one of the many catalysts for Ritchie's Organics and to celebrate his imprint on my life, I have chosen to delve back in to my favorite song of his: "Runaway." 

In a dramatic and introspective nine minutes, Kanye manages to deliver a symphonic masterpiece that tells a story of melancholic defeat. Runaway is a swirl of sounds, describing Kanye's struggles with guilt and public image. The opening notes are simple, yet they convey a sense of isolation, only to be abruptly joined by a wave of strings and bass after 30 seconds. Kanye's pessimistic first verse and ever-memorable chorus embody all the hate he recieves. His words are filled with regret and self loathing: "I'm so gifted at finding what I don't like the most." In contrast, during his feature, Pusha T's raps about women and wealth; the epitome of the so-called "douchebag" Kanye mentions in the preceding chorus. While Pusha represents Kanye's public image, Kanye's verse challenges this notion, offering a deeply intimate peek into his more reflective side. By posing the question "Are the critics right?", Kanye shows he is capable of self reflection; a stark contrast to the media's brash and arrogant depiction of him.

To conclude the song, Kanye fully embraces his critics by utilizing what many would deem to be "way too much autotune." The resulting outro, despite being completely incoherent, conveys a strange sense of remorse. By pairing classical instruments (the violin and the piano) with his harsh, robotic vocals, Kanye does what Kanye does best: blending elements that do not traditionally mix. The result is an unorthodox but perfect culmination to Kanye's best song. 

Even as we near the ten year anniversary of its release, Runaway is my favorite Kanye song to date. I still enjoy some of Kanye's more recent releases, but with his public mental health struggles and July Fourth declaration to run for president, it is sometimes hard not to miss the old Kanye.

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